Job Seeker Accounts organizes the system by Businesses (Post Jobs) & Job Seekers (Apply To Jobs). If you are looking for work or are interested in joining the talent community of businesses that you know, join and go through the Job Seeker Onboarding process. Once you have completed that, you can add as much information as you like. The information that you provide will create an AI generated work profile for you so writing a resume has never been this easy.

Join & Apply To A Job

You can find a businesses job board by either scanning their QR Code with your mobile device or going to the url that is provided. shortens all of our URLs down to addresses so if you see one of those go ahead and take a look.

Once you have joined and see your businesses job board, you can

  • Join the talent community but clicking the 'Im Interested' button. This will let the business owner know that you are interested in learning more about new opportunities. If the business owner is interested in your profile, they can automatically send you a notification of new jobs each time they post one.
  • Show Interest in a job. This is not an official application but simply letting the business owner know that you are interested in the job. You can communicate with the business owner through and be kept up to date when the status of the opportunity changes.

Post A Job

In time, we will be pushing new jobs to our Hourly Twitter Handle so feel free to follow us there and you will be kept up to date.