Business Accounts organizes the system by Businesses (Post Jobs) & Job Seekers (Apply To Jobs). If you are interested in supporting your business needs by finding and hiring local talent, you will want to join and go through the Business Onboarding process.

Create an Account

To get started, all that you need to do is create an authenticated account and select 'Business' when you are presented with the onboarding option. From there, add a little bit of information and we will take care of the rest.

Business Onboarding

Once you have your account you will be able to:

  • Use your QR Code to add to your website or printed material which will direct users to your businesses job board. All of your active jobs will appear here.
  • Print the generated Help Wanted sign and place it somewhere where people can scan it with their mobile device. Users will be able to apply to the job or share it after they have scanned the QR code
  • Create as many jobs as you would like. There are no costs associated with this so post as many jobs as you like and start building out your local talent pool

Post A Job

Post A Job

When someone scans the QR code on your sign, they will be directed to your job board where they can submit their profile for you to review. You can reply to their messages from your Dashboard.

Hire whomever you like. When you close the job or the job closes after 30 days, will notify your contacts that the job has been closed.

There is no charge for this so post as many jobs as you'd like and hire as many people as you need.