Why we're (rebuilding) Hourly.com

There's no question that economies are built on the backs of hourly workers and local jobs. Without them, these economies suffer and a nation’s growth and prosperity would be in jeopardy. That’s why it’s so important to understand why hourly workers and local jobs are so important to make the world go around.

Hourly workers are the backbone of any economy. They are the people who work in factories, restaurants, retail stores, and many other industries. Without these hourly workers, economies grind to a halt. They provide essential services that all countries needs to remain competitive and grow. Without them, businesses aren't able to operate.

Local jobs are also important to economies because they provide an essential link between communities and businesses. When local businesses hire local workers, they invest in the community and help create a positive economic impact. This creates more jobs, boosts local tax revenues, and increases economic development in the area. Plus, local jobs provide an opportunity for people to stay in their own community and build a career.

Finally, hourly workers and local jobs create stability. When businesses hire local workers, they are more likely to stay in the area for the long-term. This means that businesses can plan for the future and make investments that will benefit the local economy.

It’s clear that hourly workers and local jobs are essential. They provide essential services, create stability, and create a positive economic impact in their communities. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that hourly workers and local jobs are supported and respected in our economy.

To be honest, everything above was written by GPT (like everyone else is doing now!) but it brings up some good points and it's exactly why we're happy to relaunch Hourly.com! It's been an exciting journey but what we have realized is that the vast majority of available jobs out there are from small businesses who don't have access to teams of recruiters or expensive technology. Our goal with Hourly.com is to provide good technology and a great experience so that we can connect all of those people who are looking for jobs and businesses who have been left to post 'Help Wanted' signs in their shop windows.